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1 minute Gesture
8 X 8


1 minute Gesture<br>pencil<br>8 X 8<br>1992    30 Second Gesture<br>Pigma Ink<br>13.25 X 14<br>mat with frame<br>1992    Alyssa<br>Pigma Pen<br>8.5 X 14<br> 2009    Amy, Bending Forward<br>Pigma Ink<br>13.25 X 14 <br>mat & frame<br>Undated    Amy<br>Pigma Ink<br>7 X 7<br>undated    Andrew<br>Pigma ink & marker<br>8 X 10.5<br>1990    Clara Rose<br>Ballpoint<br>8.5 X 14<br>2010    Double Janna<br>Ballpoint Sketch 2<br>14 X 17<br> mat<br>2010    Double Nude<br>Pigma Ink<br>14 X 17 <br>mat<br>2002    Georgia<br>Pigma Ink Square<br>13.25 X 14<br> mat & frame<br>1992    Gwyneth Reclining<br>Ballpoint Sketch 2<br>14 X 17 <br>mat<br>2010    Gwyneth Sleeping<br>Ballpoint Sketch<br>8.5 X 14<br>2010    Gwyneth with Mirror<br>Ballpoint Ink<br>8.5 X 14<br>2010    Gwyneth<br>Ballpoint Sketch<br>16 X 20 <br>mat<br>2010    Heavy Nude<br>Pigma Ink<br>14 X 17 <br>mat<br>2002    Janna Reclining<br>Ballpoint Sketch<br>20 X 16 <br>mat<br>2010    Janna Seated<br>Ballpoint Ink<br>17 X 14  <br>mat<br>2010    Janna<br>Ballpoint Sketch 3<br>8.5 X 13<br>2010     Jon facing away<br>Ballpoint pen<br>14 X 8.5<br>2009    Kim S<br> Ballpoint Pen<br>8.5 X 10<br>undated    Leaning Nude, Back<br>Pigma Ink<br>16 X 20<br> mat<br>1992    Lisa with outline shadow<br>Pigma Ink<br>13.25 X 14<br> mat & frame<br>Undated    Lisa, Looking Away<br>Pigma Ink<br>13.25 X 14 <br>mat & frame<br>Undated    Lisa<br>Pigma Ink<br>13.25 X 14 <br>mat & frame<br>Undated    Lisa from behind<br>Pigma Ink<br>13.25 X 14<br> mat & frame<br> Undated    Memory Drawing<br>Ballpoint Ink<br>7.75 X 7.75<br>1989    Model Seated Flat <br<Pigma Ink<br>16 X 20 <br>mat<br>1992    Oliver<br>Pigma Ink<br>13.25 X 14<br> mat & frame<br>undated    Pensive Nude<br>Pencil<br>16 X 20 <br>mat<br>1996    Quick Sketch, bending model<br>Pencil on Newsprint<br>16 X 20 <br>Mat<br>Undated    Randy, Quick Sketch<br>Ballpoint<br>16 X 20 <br>mat<br>2010    Randy<br>Ballpoint Ink<br>8.5 X 14<br>2010    Randy<br>Ballpoint Sketch<br>16 X 20 <br>mat<br>2010    Reclining Figure<br>Pencil<br>17 X 14<br>mat<br>1992    Reclining Figure 2<br>Pencil<br>17 X 14<br> mat<br>1992    Sara<br>Ballpoint Ink<br>9 X 14<br>2009    Seated Male model<br>Pigma pen<br>14 X 8.5<br>undated    Seated Model Twisting<br>Ballpoint Ink<br>16 X 20 <br>mat<br>2009    Sketch, Cropped Female<br>Pigma Ink<br>13.25 X 14 <br>mat & frame<br>Undated    Standing Model, Front<br> Pigma Ink<br>14 X 17<br> mat<br>2002    Standing Nude, Gesture<br>Pencil<br>14 X 17 <br>mat<br>1992    Staring Nude<br>Pencil<br>20 X 16<br>mat<br>2002    Two Minute Gesture Sketch<br>Pencil<br>14 X 17 mat<br>1992    Two Models<br>Pigma Ink<br>13.25 X 14<br> mat & frame<br>Undated   

Life drawing is the consistent thread that focuses me. As an abstract artist I find drawing the figure connects me with all art, including my own, because in the end all art is about the human experience. Only our species tries to communicate through art, but artists see and portray the world in as many ways as there are differences in their being. Just as each human form is as different as each snowflake; each pose is only one variation of the potential views of each individual I draw.