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American Song • Solvent Transfer
16 X 19


American Song • Solvent Transfer<br>16 X 19<br>1982    Collaborative Construct • Franz, Cy, Worms and Me  Collage<br>37 X 30 Framed<br>2010    Collaborative Construct • Red & Black Collage<br>33.25 X 29.50 framed<br>2010    Construct • Two Blondes Collage<br>30.5 X 28.5 framed<br>2009    Did you care • Solvent Transfer with Graphite<br>19 X 25<br>1982    Heavenly Body Collage<br>32 X 29 framed<br>2009    Marilyn & Nude Collage<br>32 X 29 framed<br>2009    My 9-11<br>35.5 X 27.0 framed<br>2009    Collaboration in Absentia; I. Albright/ L. Krasner • Collage<br>22 X 30 unframed<br>2013    Collaboration in Absentia; J.L.David/C.Twombly • Collage<br>22 X 30 unframed<br>2013   

I am an avid collector of magazines and printed materials and have enough of them boxed and shelved in my studio to keep me busy making new collages for the rest of my life. Since my transient, eclectic nature regularly inspires me to explore concepts using found objects and new materials, collage seems to be a natural outgrowth of this usual process of working... the difference being the sources of ideas are laid out and juxtaposed in a two dimensional frame rather than rising to a level of relief like most of my mixed media pieces do.