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Mar/Apr - Science, Technology, Art, Archeology & Inspiration
Jan/Feb - An Inspirational Beginning for 2018

AUTUMN - Good News--Very Bad News
SUMMER - "Pictures at an Exhibition" (or two)
WINTER - Why Support the Arts?

Dec - December
Nov - New Work Coming Along...
Oct - The Trials of Innovative Process
Sep - Seven Months of In-Studio Pictures
Aug - If You Like to Hike... & Outdoor Art...
July - Sunday Jazz at Saint-Gaudens
Jun - The Square, Geometry, & Chaos Theory
May - Open Doors and Openings
Apr - Studio Shots
Mar - You Can't Get There from Here...
Feb - Modular Structures…new directions
Jan - A New Research Assistant

Dec - In Memorium
Oct-Nov - Carrying on...
Sep - Tighty Righty, Lefty Loosy!
Aug - Getting Back in the Game
Mar-Jul - When Life Gets in the Way
Feb - Winter Blues & Aching Shoulders
Jan - New Things To Learn

Dec - Record Keeping & Archiving Artwork
Nov - The Power of the Real
Oct - Creative Spirit & Pride of Fatherhood
Sep - Communication of Ideas-Art & Cinema
Aug - Summertime Museum-hopping
Jul - Three years later... the ice returns...
Jun - Spring and Summer Life Drawing
May - Collecting Art… Patron & Artist
Apr - Out of the Doldrums… back in the Studio
Mar - Down & out, but making progress!
Feb - Referencing a Half Century (looking back)
Jan - New Year, new goals & much to think...

Dec - Winter of a life…snow on the roof...
Nov - A Few Good Months!
Oct - Some thoughts about "Contemporary" Art
Sep - A Month to Remember...
Aug - The Muse Calls...
Jul - A Calligraphy of Art & Science
Jun - A poem says it all...
May - NO ILLUSIONS…a great success!
Apr - April "Flash Exhibit"
Mar - Champing at the bit…*
Feb - A Labor of Love
Jan - New Work for the New Year

Dec - Remember the Artists...
Nov - On Turning Seventy...
Oct - Two Pictures from Denmark
Sep - Art & Adventure in Denmark
Aug - Sketchbooks & Journals
Jul - To work or not to work...
Jun - The strata of our minds...
May - In process from drawing to completion...
Apr - What we have to look forward to...
Mar - A new regional gallery... debut...
Feb - New works in process...
Jan - A new year… back in the studio.

Nov - Holiday Greetings
Oct - Spirit of the Desert Tour
Sep - Best laid plans… ridiculous… sublime!
Aug - Reference Point:
Jul - Studio Views:
Jun - Summer, I'm working with ICE!
May - Life Drawing is a Regular Event...
Apr - Newsletter in Process...
Mar - Welcome to my online newsletter...

I email a copy of my newsletter each month to anyone who would like to receive it. It provides a means to keep friends and supporters in the loop and up to date on progress in my studio, as well as corollary events, exhibits, and other related cultural activities. This page allows you to look over past issues by clicking on any you may have missed.