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Impromptu • Mixed Media
26.5 X 19 X 1

Impromptu • Mixed Media <br>26.5 X 19 X 1<br> 2017    Elegy for the Earth & Seas • Mixed Media  <br>38.5 X 50.0 X 10.0<br> 2017    Drone Target (Where’s Waldo?) • Mixed Media Media<br>24 X 36 X 2<br> 2017    Third World Metaphor - Asymmetrical Landscape • Mixed Media <br>108 X 120 X 12<br> 2017    Space-Time Artifact • Mixed Media <br>37.75 X 29 X 2<br> 2017    Heavenly Body • Collage<br>32 X 29 framed<br>2009    Construct • Two Blondes • Collage<br>30.5 X 28.5 framed<br>2009    Marilyn & Nude • Collage<br>32 X 29 framed<br>2009    My 9-11<br>35.5 X 27 framed<br>2009    Collaborative Construct • Franz, Cy, Worms & Me •  Collage<br>37 X 30 framed<br>2010    Collaborative Construct • Red & Black • Collage<br>33.5 X 29.5 framed<br>2010    14° Drift<br>Mixed Media<br>27.5 X 58 X 9 inches<br>3 Views<br>2010    Harem • Mixed Media<br>24 X24<br>2010    Seascape with found wood<br>36 X 24<br>2011    Confluence • Mixed Media<br>72 X 72<br>2012    Glacial #001 • Mixed Media<br>36 X 42<br>2012    Glacial #002 • Mixed Media<br>36 X 42<br>2012    Glacial #003 • Mixed Media<br>36 X 42<br>2013    Glacial #004 • Mixed Media<br>36 X 42<br>2012    Glacial Melt • Mixed Media<br>36 X 48<br>2012    Glacial Drift • Open Water • Mixed Media<br>24 X 24<br>2012    Collaboration in Absentia; I. Albright/ L. Krasner • Collage<br>22 X 30<br>2013    Collaboration in Absentia; J.L.David/C.Twombly • Collage<br>22 X 30<br>2013   

For me art has always been about the process. I approach art from an associative relationship that is material and intuitive. This "material first" PROCESS, is an existential framework imbued with the potential for discovery. I don't always begin with a specific idea or CONCEPT, other than what may evolve experimentally with the manipulation of selected media. Regardless of the media, the approach I use is generally the same. There is always an emerging connection between initial concept and the metamorphosis that usually occurs as I try to focus on the individuality of each work. Not uncommonly, their purpose and meaning evolve as well, most notably when unexpected juxtapositions occur during their EVOLUTION and eventual completed SOLUTION. Often, failed solutions, regenerate themselves in my following works when unexpected associations align themselves with a current project.